How to Better Communicate With Someone Battling Cancer

  Talking to someone battling cancer can leave you feeling a bit unsure and uneasy. What’s the right thing to say? Should you jump right in and talk about the elephant in the room, or steer clear of the C word altogether? Is it ok to try and be funny? What should I do if … Continue reading

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Communicating With Family While Caring for a Loved One

  Caring for a loved one as they age at home can spark tensions amongst the family. Siblings may disagree on care decisions, adult children may feel overwhelmed, and aging parents may refuse help. Effective communication is a must to bridge the gap between differing opinions, ease the burden of care responsibilities, and ensure everyone … Continue reading

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Beyond Aduhelm: Advancements in Alzheimer’s Treatment Options

  There’s no question that there are millions of people working every day to make new advancements in Alzheimer’s treatment options. When a person you love is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s however, the urgency to find help is all the greater. If this is you, be encouraged! Though Aduhelm, the controversial medication approved by the FDA … Continue reading

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You Can Care for Your Older Parents While Balancing Your Career!

  It’s hard to wake up to an alarm every Monday morning, but it’s necessary for the careers we love. Our career is an essential aspect of our identity, signifying the dedication we have invested throughout the years and accomplishments we have achieved. So what happens when your parents are starting to exhibit signs of … Continue reading

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A New Way to Navigate Conversations Around Dementia

  There’s no easy way to give or receive a dementia diagnosis. It is the start of a difficult rollercoaster of emotions, which are heightened if the diagnosis is presented starkly, without compassion or empathy. There are steps physicians can (and should) take when having conversations around dementia to ease the initial impact, empowering and … Continue reading

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