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You Can Care for Your Older Parents While Balancing Your Career!

  It’s hard to wake up to an alarm every Monday morning, but it’s necessary for the careers we love. Our career is an essential aspect of our identity, signifying the dedication we have invested throughout the years and accomplishments we have achieved. So what happens when your parents are starting to exhibit signs of … Continue reading

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Helping Older Adults Accept Having a Home Support Specialist

  It is a difficult scenario many family caregivers have to deal with: your aging parents, who once looked after you, now resist the help they so urgently need. It’s a delicate balance between respecting their freedom and protecting their well-being and safety. When you’re in this position, you are not alone! We recognize the … Continue reading

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Thriving Independently With Compassionate Senior Care

  As the golden years approach, seniors often face the dual challenge of managing daily life and coping with the absence of close family support. This blog posts aims to help care professionals working with seniors navigate those challenges. With practical guidance and heartfelt support, Sage Home Care can help seniors in our community maintain … Continue reading

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Recognizing When 24-Hour Dementia Care Becomes Essential

  Taking care of a loved one with dementia requires continuous adaptation to the person’s changing needs. As the disease advances, there comes a point when 24-hour dementia care becomes not just worthwhile but essential for ensuring the safety, well-being, and quality of life for the individual. Listed below are key indicators that signal the … Continue reading

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Tips for Fostering Healthy Sleep Patterns in Older Adults

  We’ve all been there: slowing down breathing, counting sheep, listening to white noise, all in an attempt to force our brains to shut down to allow us the sleep we desperately need. As we age, it can be even more difficult to get enough sleep. Older adults may experience modifications to their sleep architecture, … Continue reading

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