Thoughtful and Fun Birthday Celebrations for Seniors

  If you are interested in a fun way to celebrate the life of somebody you love, nothing beats a birthday party! The key to planning birthday celebrations for seniors is crafting ideas that are unique to the individual. Start with thinking through: What brings meaning and purpose to their life? How large of an … Continue reading

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Recognizing When 24-Hour Dementia Care Becomes Essential

  Taking care of a loved one with dementia requires continuous adaptation to the person’s changing needs. As the disease advances, there comes a point when 24-hour dementia care becomes not just worthwhile but essential for ensuring the safety, well-being, and quality of life for the individual. Listed below are key indicators that signal the … Continue reading

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Top Time Management Tips for Family Caregivers

  How much extra time do you have on your hands? If you are like many family caregivers, carving out enough time to meet each day’s basic requirements may be hard enough. The thought of having regular intervals of downtime may seem unattainable. Caregiving is unquestionably a time-intensive commitment. But what if there were steps … Continue reading

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Tips for Fostering Healthy Sleep Patterns in Older Adults

  We’ve all been there: slowing down breathing, counting sheep, listening to white noise, all in an attempt to force our brains to shut down to allow us the sleep we desperately need. As we age, it can be even more difficult to get enough sleep. Older adults may experience modifications to their sleep architecture, … Continue reading

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Understanding Grief in Older Adults

  By the time we reach our golden years, we have had many years of building deep connections with friends and family. These bonds are very important to our quality of life, so when they are severed, it inevitably leads to feelings of deep loss. You may feel hopeless to assist an older loved one … Continue reading

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