How Pets Help the Quality of Life for Seniors

How Do Pets Help In Enhancing the Quality of an Older Adult’s Life

A lot of studies have shown that older adults who have pets live longer and enjoy life more in comparison to those who don’t. They exhibit decrease in temperature, stress levels, and the blood pressure as well. Here are some ways in which animal assisted therapy can enhance the quality of a senior’s life in CT:

  • Companionship
    A majority of the hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes are now using pet therapy for senior patients and the outcomes have been phenomenal. Pets are comforting, joyful and provide a feeling of security. Animal companionship is beneficial as it lessens loneliness, feeling of isolation and boredom.
  • Increases self-worth
    The attention and affection a pet offers is sure to give a boost to the self-confidence of an individual.
  • Loyalty and unconditional love
    A pet stays with you always. Even when the weather isn’t nice, your special friends are away, you are not able to keep up good health, the pet will stick to your side reassuring you that you are the best!
  • Stress reduction
    The very basic act of petting a dog has proven to lower an individual’s blood pressure. Therapy pets are being used as companions for older adults and as well as for AIDS, cancer patients, and for people afflicted with mental illness. Pets have played a major role in improving the emotional and physical health of many.
  • Better quality of life
    Pets help you focus less on your physical and emotional aches. Most of your time is spent taking care of them. You have something to look forward to every day. The responsibility of providing care and protection to your pet can act as a great distraction.

Thus, pet therapy can be extremely beneficial for a senior in CT. Sage Home Care provides surpassed level of personalized, high quality pet therapy in Connecticut. For more information, visit

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