Ensure Fall Prevention for Seniors with These Tips

Ensure Fall Prevention for Seniors with These Tips

Falls are the most common causes of injuries in older adults. In addition to causing serious injuries, falls can also impact an individual’s quality of life. The following fall prevention tips for seniors can help you keep your loved ones safe.

  • Help them stay active
    Staying active improves an individual’s strengths, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Encourage them to perform slow, gentle exercises and activities.
  • Evaluate the environment they live in
    Even the places you consider sage for your seniors are likely to contain hazards like electric cords, slippery rugs, and excess clutter. You should keep their surroundings as neat as possible. Discuss downsizing the home if the senior is no longer safe using the stairs.
  • Get them the right footwear
    Seniors should wear non-skid, sturdy shoes as they provide more foot and ankle support in comparison to floppy slippers, high heels, flip flops, and other types of footwear that have slick soles.
  • Have their eyes and ears checked
    Mobility has a lot to do with good hearing ability and eyesight. Seniors should be taken for ear and eyes checkups regularly.
  • Keep their nutrition requirements in check
    An aging adult might experience a decreased appetite or chewing and swallowing problems, and this can prevent them from getting adequate nutrition. Since poor nutrition can result in dizziness, weakness, and even fainting on some occasions, it becomes important to keep an eye on their nutrition requirements.

To help prevent falls in the elderly, all the available resources should be used, including technology and caregiver expertise. As fall prevention experts, Sage Home Care, providers of in home care in Greenwich, CT and the surrounding areas, introduces our Smart Aide Fall Prevention System. Along with our Smart Aide Fall Prevention System, our caregivers will help lessen the chances of falls in your senior loved ones within their own homes. Contact Sage Home Care today at 1-800-578-4554 to engage our services or get more information about our Fall Prevention Program for the Elderly.

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