Travel Tips: What to Remember When Traveling with a Senior Loved One

Travel Tips: What to Remember When Traveling with a Senior Loved One

The sense of adventure should not stop at the elderly years. When your senior loved one requests for your companionship in a travel, grab this opportunity. But remember to make the necessary preparations to ensure they’re safe and in good health before, during, and after the trip.

As a leading provider of home care in Brewster, NY and nearby communities, let us share with you the following key principles when traveling with a senior person:

  1. Before the travel:

    Preparation is the key to have a memorable and enjoyable trip. Apply these tips as you prepare for your travel with your beloved senior:

    • Choose a schedule that is comfortable for the travelers concerned.
    • Research on the destination’s climate and pack the appropriate clothing.
    • Get yourselves travel insurance, especially if it’s a long trip.
    • Inquire about possible illnesses that might need vaccination.
    • Secure a travel clearance for your senior loved one with a chronic condition.
    • Get another traveling companion when necessary.
  2. During the trip:

    Encourage an exciting atmosphere when you’re about to travel. Aside from the excitement, here are tips to keep in mind:

    • Don’t wear very tight clothes as this can limit blood circulation.
    • Bring a neck pillow for your senior loved ones so their head can be comfortable during the whole travel.
    • Assist your elderly beloved to sit comfortably and in the right posture.
    • Stay hydrated as the travel can make you thirsty.
    • When the trip takes hours, remember to stretch the legs to reduce stiffness.
    • When your loved one needs to take medications while the trip is ongoing, kindly assist them.
  3. After arriving at the destination:

    You may experience the travel lag wherein your body’s natural clock is affected. You might feel sleepy, tired, and a bit moody. That’s alright. Here are the key things to remember:

    • Take time to rest before going out anywhere.
    • Help your senior loved one to adjust to the weather when necessary.
    • Eat well and stay hydrated to recover strength efficiently.
    • Take time to enjoy the place you’re visiting.
  4. Arriving Home:

    As soon as you get home after your trip, check on the condition of your senior loved ones. Observe their physical responses or appearance. If they need medical assistance, contact their physician right away. Get help in unpacking your things from personnel providing home care in Brewster NY or a nearby area. Give yourself the sufficient amount of time to rest and recover.

At Sage Home Care, we are your partners in providing quality care for your senior loved one in the comfort of home. But our services are not only confined indoors. We can also assist your elderly loved one in important outdoor activities and trips should our presence be necessary. If you’re seeking for the assistance of caregivers providing home care in Brewster, NY or one of the surrounding communities, contact us. We have qualified staff who can assist you just the way you prefer.

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