5 Good Reasons to Get a Pet in Your Golden Years

5 Good Reasons to Get a Pet in Your Golden Years

Did you know that taking care of a pet in your golden years brings so many health benefits, too?

From companionship to security, these furballs have been known to improve a person’s quality of life as they age in place. As a provider of home care in Bethel CT, we’ve made a rundown on the reasons why pets can do wonders for elderly adults. Take a closer look and see how the benefits can be far-reaching:

  1. Exercise: Although pets can do wonders for seniors, it is important to make sure their needs are met, too. Walking a pet motivates pet owners to exercise. In fact, playing with a pet is a good and enjoyable way to involve in physical activity.
  2. Security: It’s a no-brainer. Pets are the cutest protectors of home. They can easily hunch a threat to their territories and hint you with a warning. When provoked, their animalistic tendencies can help ward off potential break-ins.

    This is very ideal for seniors who are living alone. Having a pet gives an additional safety net for home. Empty nesters feel more secure and confident in their own territories with the presence of their favorite canine companion.

  3. Companionship: Our providers of homecare in Brewster NY understands the importance of companionship to seniors. As older adults are more prone to boredom and depression, having a companion from Sage Home Care brings positive effects to their social health.

    Dogs are great companions. They naturally follow their owners. Their presence has soothing effects that can brighten the mood. When a dog wags its tail or gives you sloppy kisses, it turns anyone’s frown upside down.

  4. Happiness: Are you bored? Are you stressed? Are you feeling blue? Getting a pet can kill your loneliness, reduce your stress, and give you waves of happiness! They are good distractions from your routine.
  5. Sense of purpose: Retirement years can rub off most of your responsibilities from home, family, and work. Many seniors feel bored and useless not having any obligation to attend to.

    Taking care of a pet gives a sense of responsibility. It makes you feel wanted and needed. Seniors become more inspired to wake up each morning and relish at the sight of a feline face waiting for a snuggle. Having a furry friend renews your meaning of life.

It is rewarding to own a pet. Whether it’s a big floppy dog or a little cat, their non-judgmental and compassionate nature makes them good therapeutic buddies, too. They can be the best medicines and your best friends, all in one.

Do you have a pet at home? How does adopting a pet help you? Do you have anything you can add to this list? What do you love most about your pets? Share with us your memorable stories or favorite picture with your furbabies in the comments section below.

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