Alarming Signs You Need Respite Care

Alarming Signs You Need Respite Care

If you are a primary caregiver for a loved one at home, you know that the job is both fulfilling and overwhelming. It is a 24-hour job that requires you to juggle multiple responsibilities. Without a doubt, caregiving is not for the faint of heart.

This brings us to why you need respite care. Most caregivers are so absorbed in providing care for someone that they often forget to take care of their selves. It is crucial to take a break from time to time to look after one’s own needs. This is where respite care can help.

  • What is Respite Care?

    Respite care, in a nutshell, is a short-term break for caregivers. Respite allows you take a time off from your caregiving responsibilities while a professional caregiver takes over your duties. The length of respite care entirely depends on you. You can leave for an afternoon, a day, a weekend or a week. This service is offered by home care providers.

  • Signs You Need a Break

    Anyone acting as a caregiver deserves and needs respite. However, the following are alarming signs that you need to take respite now:

    • Impatience and irritability

      Caregivers generally have a great deal of patience. However, if you feel that your patience has started to thin out and you become easy to irritate unlike before, it might be time to take a break. You do not want to be short-tempered, but it can happen.

    • Committing mistakes

      Caregivers need to be focused on their jobs. It requires great management skills. However, when you begin to commit a lot of unusual mistakes, your mind may need to recover from all the stress.

    • Illness

      Caregiving can take a physical toll. When the body is pushed beyond its limit, a burnout can happen. If you are beginning to feel weak or get sick – it is definitely time to take respite. Your body is already telling you it needs rest. Do not overlook this sign. Ignoring your body can lead to serious health consequences.

A caregiver should never feel guilty about establishing a regular respite schedule. It does not mean that you resent your job and want someone else to take over your duties. It is simply what it is – a break from caregiving responsibilities.

In fact, respite care from Sage Home Care, top provider of Greenwich home health care in the nearby areas, will not only benefit you but the patient as well. Respite care allows you to become a better caregiver after your body and mind has had the time to recuperate. You will return to work more focused and positive.

If you need respite care, our team at Sage Home Care is happy to provide you with the service. While you take a break, we will continue to provide quality care for your loved one at home.

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