The Progression Of Dementia : What Patients Go Through In 7 Stages

The Progression Of Dementia : What Patients Go Through In 7 Stages

Dementia is a mental disease that is mostly associated with senior individuals. Patients with dementia often lose most of their memory. They even forget basic functions such as eating, walking, and others.

This condition progresses in various stages as time passes. The Reisberg Scale is the most popular scale being used by doctors to measure the progression of the condition. This 7-stage method is categorized by how much the cognitive ability of the patient has declined.

  • Stage 1All people who are not suffering from dementia are actually categorized as being in Stage 1. In this phase, the individual is still able to maintain and perform normal bodily functions. Mental health is in good state and the memory is still good.
  • Stage 2When a senior individual reaches this stage, he or she often forgets events, names, and other information. In most cases, this forgetfulness is typically attributed to old age. The doctor or the family will not be able to see any symptoms of dementia on the individual.
  • Stage 3The decline of the senior’s cognitive ability is already visible. The individual becomes more forgetful and may struggle in finding the right words. Getting lost may also be common at this stage. Concentrating on certain tasks may also be difficult for the individual.
  • Stage 4The doctor will be able to diagnose the patient with early-stage dementia at this point due to the visible symptoms of decline in cognitive ability. Tasks that were once easy can now be a difficult challenge for the patient. Concentration and memory are already affected.
  • Stage 5In stage 5, the patient is already at the mid-stage of dementia. He or she may not remember major information about himself or himself, such as his or her own name. Assistance in the completion of daily tasks is a necessity at this phase. Homecare in Bethel CT may be taken advantage of to help those in mid-stage dementia.
  • Stage 6The patient will be suffering from incontinence problems and decline in communication ability in this stage. Additionally, he or she will be needing further assistance in carrying out and completing daily tasks. Memory loss is already at its worst condition where the patient is even unable to remember who his or her family members are.
  • Stage 7In late-stage dementia, the patient can no longer talk and walk. Family members will have to do most of the daily tasks for the individual.

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