How to Help a Loved One Manage Their Medication Intake

How to Help a Loved One Manage Their Medications

Proper medication intake and adherence is a key to quality living in the elderly years. This is because many seniors are already receiving prescriptions for their age-related conditions. It is the seniors, more than the younger patients, who have a frequent need for medication.

Because of this, they may not be able to adhere to their proper medication schedules. This is where our home care in Brewster can help you with one of our senior helpers.

Let us explain how we can help through these tips we share with you.

  • Set Up Reminders at Home
    When our aging loved ones are alone at home, they need to take their medicines on their own. However, they may forget about their meds due to age-related memory issues. To avert this, you can set up visible reminders at home. You can also request providers of home care in Brewster to remind your loved one with their medications.
  • Use Pill Organizers
    In many pharmacies, there are pill organizers you can get to arrange your medicines according to schedule. These meds can be set according to a day of the week or a time of the day. It will help them adhere to their prescriptions when you provide pill organizers to your senior loved ones.
  • Store Medicines Correctly
    Included in proper medication intake and adherence is ensuring that the medicines are stored properly. Every medicine has proper storage instructions. Follow these instructions so that the medicine’s potency will not be affected. If you need help in storing or keeping your medicines in the right place at home, providers of home care in Brewster, NY and surrounding areas can help you out.
  • Partner with one Pharmacy
    Having the same pharmacy as a source of your medications is also helpful in adhering to your medication schedule. Because your medical records are already with them, they can check if your supply is already running out. This way, they will prepare your refill and inform you about it. The lack of timely medications is also another reason for non-adherence. Yet, when you’re with the same pharmacy, you have a backup in ensuring that you don’t miss any medication.
  • Consult with the Doctor
    It is also very important that you have a regular consultation with your doctor. If we are taking long-term medications, we need to have regular checkups to know if the medicine worked as it should or if there is any dosage adjustment that has to be made. When you need someone to accompany you to these medical appointments, providers of home care in Brewster can assist you.

When it comes to attaining the best quality of life as a senior, it is essential that we commit to living a healthy lifestyle and adhere to our medications. If we think that we will need some assistance in monitoring and taking our medications, we can always ask for help. Care professionals from Sage Home Care can be there for you to help meet your needs for medication adherence.

Do you think you need this service and the support of one of our senior helpers? Inquire more today.

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