Hiring a Caregiver Privately? Think Twice!

Hiring a Caregiver Privately? Think Twice!

Aging leads to a decline in a person’s capabilities. Oftentimes, senior individuals need support to complete their daily chores. Many families opt to engage with providers of home care in Katonah and nearby communities to help aging family members.

When talking about home care, families have several options. One of these is to hire a caregiver privately. Is it really advantageous to hire one on your own? Check out the pros and cons.


The following are the biggest benefits of hiring a caregiver by yourself.

  • Lower Costs If you hire a caregiver from a home care agency, that agency sets the fee. Determining the fee involves various factors such as payroll costs, number of employees, and liability insurance, among others. When you hire privately, you get to decide the rate. Of course, you still have to follow state or local regulations about salaries.
  • More Control
    You have more control over who you would like to care for your loved ones. Your loved ones’ preferences matter. So, you can involve them in your considerations when hiring caregivers on your own.


Of course, we cannot forget about the drawbacks. Some of the advantages of hiring caregivers by yourself include the following:

  • Extra Effort and Time on Your Part
    Hiring a caregiver on your own involves a lot of effort and time. You will need to be proactive in interviewing applicants. Conducting background checks will also be your responsibility. In that case, you spend more time and effort in finding a caregiver than being by your loved ones’ side.
  • Need for Additional Insurance
    A provider of home care buys liability insurance for their employees. If you hire a caregiver on your own, you will have to buy liability insurance yourself. Purchasing other types of insurance may even be a necessity.
  • Supervising the Caregiver
    A caregiver from an agency often has a supervisor who manages their tasks and performances. If you hire one privately, you become their supervisor. This situation is okay if you have the experience. But, what if you don’t? It poses additional effort and stress.

At Sage Home Care, we understand your predicament. That is why we make sure that every caregiver in our team has the right qualifications to address your loved ones’ needs. Call us for more information on home care in Katonah and the surrounding areas.

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