A Senior Adult’s Cheatsheet for Healthy Wines

A Senior Adult's Cheatsheet for Healthy Wines

Seniors aging in place or those who are expecting the arrival of their caregiver from a home care agency may be apprehensive about their future days. After all, the first thing that comes to mind when talking about aging is that there will be lots of limitations and restrictions that one has to observe. One of these restrictions focuses on whether or not it’s OK to drink wine.

While it is true that seniors are recommended to stay away from wine, there are actually health benefits that seniors can enjoy only if they drink wine moderately. Moreover, senior adults under an agency providing home care should still be able to enjoy their wine as long as they choose the ones that are healthy for them.

  • Pinot noir
    If you think about it, red wine itself brings lots of benefits to people. Red wine has antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids. If you are after the health benefits that come with wine, then you should drink Pinot noir. This type of red wine is considered to be the healthiest red wine of them all. Pinot noir contains a higher concentration of resveratrol which is an antioxidant compound that helps improve one’s heart health. It lowers bad cholesterol and blood pressure. Resveratrol improves your insulin sensitivity too.
  • Rosé
    Made with red grapes, Rosé is one of the red wines you can get away with drinking, especially if your Poughkeepsie home care provider is by your side. The wine-making process of Rosé differs from the other red wine types, which actually results in Rosé not having a high antioxidant concentration. However, if you are to choose between Rosé and white wine, then Rosé should be the obvious choice to make.
  • Merlot
    Dry reds like Merlot is healthy. While it may not be as high as that of Pinot noir’s, the resveratrol content in Merlot is still considerably high. Thus, you can be assured that Merlot has heart health benefits for you to enjoy.
  • Malbec
    Malbec wine is a type of full-bodied red wine created from a purple grape variety called Malbec grapes. The Malbec grape variety is actually one of the grapes used for wine-making with the thickest skins. As resveratrol antioxidants can be acquired from the grape’s skins, you can be assured that Malbec has a high concentration of the antioxidants that keep your heart healthy.

Just because you are at an age that may require home care, that doesn’t mean that you should go all vegetarian just to stay healthy. Sage Home Care, an expert provider of home care in Danbury, CT and the nearby areas, believes that you should still be able to enjoy the things that you used to enjoy before – say, wine – just as long as you do so moderately.

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