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Practical Tips to Address the Fear of Falling in Older Adults

  As we age, it is natural to become more cautious about the risk of falling. However, for some older adults, the fear of falling can become paralyzing, causing a decrease in physical activity, social engagement, and overall quality of life. It’s important to address this fear head-on and empower older adults to live confidently … Continue reading

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Holiday Safety for Older Adults During COVID-19

Think about the most perfect holiday season you are able to imagine. While that image can vary slightly for each of us, it may include good food, gifts, lights, and traditions handed down through the generations. Yet what absolutely rings true for everyone is the satisfaction in spending time with the ones we love. Sadly, … Continue reading

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Overcoming This Challenging Dementia Behavior: Refusal to Change Clothes

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia requires empathy, creativity, and patience, the ability to step outside of your own logic and reasoning and understand why a certain behavior is happening, and then to know just how to successfully manage it. That’s certainly the situation with an older adult who refuses … Continue reading

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Pandemic Safety for Seniors and In Home Care

For the past several months, family caregivers have had to handle seemingly insurmountable challenges in connection with the care of the senior family members they love. With COVID-19’s particular dangers to the elderly and those with underlying health issues, for example, COPD, diabetes, heart disease, as well as others that are common in the elderly, … Continue reading

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Senior Safety Tip: How to Know When to Venture Out During the Pandemic

After months of quarantining, social distancing and isolating from friends and family, stay-at-home orders are relaxed. But for seniors in particular, is it safe to consider heading out? Regrettably, there’s no cut-and-dry answer, and a number of criteria should be taken into consideration to come to the best decision that balances senior safety with the … Continue reading

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