A Conversation with the Depressed


We all know people of different ages and standings in life. We all have someone we love, someone who is a friend, someone who is a family. Of all the people we know, one of them could be depressed. Any one of them could be facing a battle we know nothing about.

Sometimes, we won’t know what to do. Sometimes, they need our help. Sometimes, we know too little about these battles they face. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if we know or not. Sometimes, the only thing that matters is how much our presence can mean so much to them.
Home Care in Brewster, New York is continuously improving and growing. Speaking to people who are depressed is so much more than we think we know.

We don’t always need to bring something for them – a treat, a gift. Sometimes, all they need are ears to listen. Contrary to popular belief, some people find the best gifts in the words of another, in a kind gesture, in a simple act of thoughtfulness.

Talking to someone who is depressed doesn’t require much effort.

A conversation with the depressed:

  1. Starts with the heart. When you just simply care and want to be open and sensitive to their situation, to their thoughts, you’re being a friend. When someone is depressed, they always have the feeling of being misunderstood. They would not care if you are stronger than them.

    Showing them that you are also just human, that you have emotions too, gives them strength. This is the strength of opening up to you, of trusting you. They would know they can trust you because they know you know how it feels to not be trusted. They know you know how it feels to not be enough. This would give them the sense of belonging and having their hearts beat for others, too.

  2. Involves an open mind. Talking to someone who has bonded with their thoughts, both dark and good, would make you vulnerable, in a good way. They would always want to know what you think and what you could say about certain things. They would always know what a flicker would mean; how you blink, how you let go of your words.

    Having a conversation with a depressed person is like having a conversation with your best friend. Not just a parent, a sibling, or a child, it would be like talking to someone who knows you for years. They would know so much in a word you release, how the emotions are wrapped around a single word. Keeping your mind open is important to grow and learn in the process – embracing stories and feelings you never thought could exist.

  3. Takes meaning. Your heart, your mind, and your ears are what you need when you talk to someone who is depressed. Listen. Ask questions. You do not have to think twice about what you should ask. Keep listening. Give them the chance to speak their mind, and don’t judge them. We all face battles, may we know it or not. Don’t just tell them they are great, or that they can do better. Show it to them.

    Show them you love them, smile when they are around. Tell them how they light up the room without them knowing it. If you care, prove it to them. Words don’t matter so much when someone is depressed. Feelings – emotions – are what moves them.

When you care, ‘love’ becomes a stronger, better word every day.

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