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What You Should Know About Pneumonia in Seniors

When a person ages, certain changes are inevitable. A lot of these changes are related to the physical aspect. Many older adults have medical conditions with symptoms that they have to deal with on a daily basis. Families often partner with senior care agencies, like Sage Home Care, a provider of personal care in Danbury … Continue reading

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When Man’s Best Friend Becomes Therapeutic

There has been a pre-existing close connection between dogs and humans. Through the years, dogs have been continually tagged as man’s best friend. It is no longer absurd to think that they have positive effects on a person’s health. In fact, their role of being cool and fun pets has ascended to becoming main tools … Continue reading

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A Conversation with the Depressed

We all know people of different ages and standings in life. We all have someone we love, someone who is a friend, someone who is a family. Of all the people we know, one of them could be depressed. Any one of them could be facing a battle we know nothing about. Sometimes, we won’t … Continue reading

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