What You Should Consider Before Participating in Pet Therapy

What You Should Consider Before Participating in Pet Therapy

Pet therapy, or animal-assisted therapy (AAT), is a type of treatment that utilizes the healing benefits of animals. The most popular pets for these are dogs, and sometimes cats. Although this therapy brings happiness and reduced anxiety and loneliness, there are many things that you should consider before participating in pet therapy.

  • Are you allergic? Sage Home Care, a home care agency in Poughquag, NY and surrounding areas offers pet therapy and can help you determine whether you are allergic to their animal or not. You may also inform them beforehand if you already have an existing animal allergy.
  • Is the animal handler actively participating? Pet handlers who supervise at all times will ensure that the session will run smoothly and without incident. Even though their pets are thoroughly trained, practicing this is still a must.
  • Am I ready to cooperate with the animal and the handler? Keeping an open mindset toward the pair will give you a sense of trust toward them. Doing so will also raise your chances of successful therapy.
  • Does the pet therapy sessions offered by Sage Home Care follow proper sanitation? Are the animals clean and well-groomed? Checking whether they follow correct sanitation practices. This will lower your chances of getting zoonotic diseases.

With these in mind, you can now carefully see to it whether you are ready to participate in pet therapy. Sage Home Care, an agency that offers home care in Poughquag, NY and nearby areas offers safe and comprehensive animal-assisted therapy sessions that will surely help you overcome various health conditions. To know more about the benefits of pet therapy, make sure to check out our previous articles!

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