Oral Care for Seniors

Oral Care for Seniors

As we age, it is important that we become more mindful of our health. Especially when it comes to oral health, we should give it our full attention as we only have one set of permanent teeth.

Being a provider of home care in Bethel CT, we want to help seniors better maintain their oral health with these tips:

  • Brush at least two times a day. It is advisable to use a toothpaste that contains fluoride or add a fluoride rinse in your everyday routine. If you have a loved one who has complications with their oral hygiene, our home care in Brewster New York may be a good solution for them. The home care services we offer includes assistance with personal hygiene.
  • If you or a senior loved one is taking any medication, ask your doctor if there are alternative medicines that do not lead to dry mouth. If there aren’t available substitutes, it is advisable to drink ample amounts of water a day and avoid alcohol as much as possible.
  • Visit a dentist on a regular basis for checkups. You can expect your dentist to conduct a dental exam and assess if there are any changes, sensitivity, or any discomfort in your mouth. More importantly, your dentist will be your reliable source of information and advice in taking care of your oral health.

With good oral health, seniors may avoid oral conditions such as dry mouth, attrition, root decay, and other serious diseases. Should you need assistance with oral hygiene, our homecare in Bethel CT can help you.

Let Sage Home Care, a home care agency in Bethel CT assess you today!

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