Making Decisions: Caring for Aging Parents

Making Decisions Caring for Your Aging Parent

Your aging parents are growing old. Nobody is left at home to provide them with care and assistance. No one in the family will even raise their hands and volunteer. Then the idea hits you—what if you care for them yourself?

It may sound like a complicated plan, but believe it or not, there are a number of children caring for their elderly parents in their own home and in their own time. Are you one of them? Are you deciding to be one in the future?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then we have the highest respect for you. To help you care for your aging parent, Sage Home Care, a provider of senior caregivers for the elderly across Connecticut communities, has put together the following tips:

  • Start with the physical arrangements. Caring for your elderly loved ones means you need to make the environment suitable for their retirement years. You do not have to install a golf course or make everything high tech. You simply have to make sure that the place is safe for them. No idea how to do it? Just follow the guide below:
    • You must remove the unnecessary furniture, accessories, or clutter that are lying around in the house. Make sure you arrange everything to the point where their movement will not be hindered.
    • Make the bathroom senior-friendly. We are talking about installing hand bars, investing on shower heads, putting on non-skid mats, and more. These items are available in your local stores.
    • Secure all wires around your house.
    • Install lights on stairways and other areas of the house that are dimly lit.
  • Keep track of their needs and activities. If your parents will be at home alone, you need to be updated with their needs and activities. Remember that they are one call away.  Always check on them. You can also invest in special elderly products to monitor their health at all times. If your parents know how to use the mobile phones, you can buy mobile phones especially if they want their privacy.
    • Ask for help so you, too, can get some rest. If you are unable to care for them for a day or longer, you do not have to wait for your siblings to be available to take over. There are home care agencies who provide caregivers for the elderly in Connecticut communities when families have responsibilities to attend to. Our care team is professionally trained in caring for the elderly and they specialize in helping older adults live active and engaged lives, right in the comfort of home.

If you are interested in learning more about Sage Home Care’s top-rated respite and senior care at home in Connecticut communities, reach out via our online contact form or give us a call today at 1-800-578-4554 to schedule a free in-home assessment and to help a senior you love live life to the fullest!

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