Specialized Care

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A large part of our training is done through The Alzheimer’s Association which is who we base much of our in-house training and Caregiver University curriculum on.

The Alzheimer’s Association has the most innovative and complete dementia training systems focused on assisting individuals with dementia to live securely at home.

After the initial intake and screening over the phone, one of our Certified Dementia Care Managers will be coming to the home appointment and will be using specialized software to conduct a thorough dementia assessment. This assessment is significantly more in depth than the usual home care assessment. The Care Manager will then determine the individual’s present level of dementia and pinpoint problem areas

A customized plan of care along with a daily schedule will then be created.
The care plan will also include activities based on the client’s personal interests and tasks appropriate for the present level of dementia. This schedule is designed to not only improve their current condition but create an enjoyable and meaningful day.

An aide with advanced dementia training is hand picked to provide quality care for the client and will receive personalized instruction, guidance, and supervision from the Dementia Care Manager on an ongoing basis.

Standard follow-up visits are performed by the Dementia Care Manager to re-evaluate the current level of dementia and make changes and improvements to the activities according to results achieved. Also, a quality of life evaluation is performed routinely to decide the success of the program and resolve issues.

Specialized Activities are introduced which may include exercises, games hobbies as well as bathing, dressing, and eating.These activities also include
specific books and puzzles made particularly for individuals with dementia which match their present level. Pet Dog Therapy visits and Baby Doll Therapy are also available.

The final result is the individual with Alzheimer’s is safer, healthier, and happier as well as a significantly reduced stress and anxiety for the caregiver.