Doll Therapy

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Among the known resources in working with individuals and families affected by Dementia is the Alzheimer’s Doll Therapy. It involves the usage of baby dolls to significantly decrease the stress and agitation experienced by dementia patients. These dolls are used by caregivers as a way to bring responsibility, structure, and care back into the lives of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Realistic dolls have to be introduced quite carefully to Alzheimer’s patients. The introduction of a doll or a teddy bear is somehow reminiscent to the welcoming of a new member of the family such as a younger sibling or a grandchild. In some cases, it may also bring out the fear of unwanted responsibility.

As proven in previous studies and experiences, the implementation of doll therapy in a controlled environment will actually help dementia patients take responsibility and add further structure to their lives. One of the ways that work wonders on patients is by reintroducing them to speech. When your loved one is no longer verbalizing, you will be surprised at how this therapeutic method can get him or her to talk again. Dementia patients basically treat the dolls as babies that they sing or hum to as they cradle them in their arms. These therapy dolls also have their clothes washed and folded for them to wear again the following day. Teddy bears can work little miracles on patients as well, bringing quiet comfort and warmth on a daily basis.

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The Benefits of Therapy Dolls

  • They bring calmness during upsetting times
  • They provide endless warmth through hugs and smiles
  • They lull patients to sleep
  • They are the perfect distraction to any troublesome, upsetting, or harmful event
  • They easily capture the attention of patients
  • They are an excellent tool for social interaction
  • They reintroduce patients to warm, nurturing feelings of caring for a baby or young child
  • They make it possible for dementia patients, people who are completely dependent on others, to bring care to another “person”

When one has a true and loyal friend, all feelings of stress and agitation dissipate. This is what Alzheimer’s dolls represent – a source of comfort, warmth, and security during times when your loved ones need it most. An engaging environment is created when dementia patients have small, familiar faces to cradle, care for, and interact with. This results in healthy emotional responses that bring a whole lot of positive energy into one’s life. Aside from being a mere distraction, these therapeutic methods are an outlet for otherwise dependent individuals to express themselves and step out of their comfort zone. While the process is far from easy, it can be made more comfortable with right tools and techniques. Through doll and teddy bear therapy, dementia patients can actively participate in their own health care instead of being mere subjects.

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