Dementia Programs

Dementia Programs in New York and Connecticut

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Caring for a family member with Dementia brings a lot of struggles with it. You will face challenges that you don’t usually encounter and grow increasingly frustrated at not being able to overcome them. Personalized solutions are required to consistently handle these problems and ensure a high quality of life for you and your loved one. This is what we, at Sage Home Care strive to provide through our comprehensive Dementia Care Programs in Brewster, NY and Bethel, CT, which implement and maintain structure, support, and education for entire families affected by this chronic disorder.

Among the key components of our personalized programs involve activity programming and individualized support which contributes immensely to the improvement of the everyday living situations of our clients. Your loved one’s needs are carefully assessed by our dementia specialists who can guarantee the successful implementation of specialized plans that are specifically structured around a client’s unique interests, routines, and goals.

Sage Home Care’s Specially Trained Caregivers

We provide nothing less than the best in-home personal care for individuals and families across NY and CT affected by Dementia. Specialized training helps our caregivers acquire the expert knowledge and skills required to effectively care for clients who are afflicted with this memory disorder. Allow the dedicated professionals of our Dementia Program team to deliver an elevated level of care founded upon compassion, as well as a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of memory care.

Our Message to Family Caregivers

Trusting another individual to care for a loved one is a step not everyone may be willing to take. If ever you decide on taking a hands-on approach to caring for a family member afflicted with dementia, do us the honor of choosing our specialized caregivers to provide you the necessary training and education on memory care. This way, even without our caregivers to provide hands-on aid, you will still have the tools and resources required to effectively and efficiently care for your loved one at home.

Doll Therapy for Dementia
In our effort to provide the newest and tested care plans for individuals affected by Dementia, we offer Alzheimer’s Doll Therapy as an effective way to decrease stress and disturbance in dementia patients. So, if you need Alzheimer’s Care in New York or Connecticut, look no further than Sage Home Care.

If you have any questions about our quality dementia programs, feel free to direct them to our team of representatives. Simply dial 1-800-578-4554 or send a message to