A Friend Indeed For Family Caregivers

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We completely understand if you are not ready to give the responsibility of caring for your loved one to somebody else. We really and truly still want to help and would like to be a resource for you for anything from education and training to offer solutions for a problem. Being the person who provides the care for a loved one is usually uncharted territory and depending on the make of the person calling it challenging is an understatement. The good news is if you are committed then you can do it and it will be one of the most rewarding things you have done not to mention the sense of accomplishment. However, the fact remains that most people are completely unprepared for what is to come. We also will be here to help celebrate your victories. You can find more helpful information in the Resources section or if you would like more of a sense of what to expect, please call our offices and ask to speak to an available case manager. You are also welcome to use our training lab at no cost by calling our offices to schedule an open time slot.

Call us tool free at: 800-578-4554