Sage Caregiver Training Lab

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The Sage Caregiver Training Lab was established in 2007 as a result of passion, necessity, and frustration. We realized that there was really a need for a more continued and advanced training and education for all caregivers including family caregivers. The lab has since become a place for Sage Home Care employees to be trained on the latest information, techniques, and equipment but also a valuable resource for the community.

Our Curriculum

The Sage orientation and family caregiver training was developed from a combination of The Alzheimer’s Association Certification, American Red Cross training materials and certifications, Foundations of Caregiving curricula and additional educational and training resources. Client specific training and ongoing education are available on a more individualized basis. In addition to written coursework and role-playing activities, we use a 164-pound human model in a realistic setting so caregivers receive hands-on experience.


The Sage Caregiver Training Lab is where Sage Home Care’s highly trained and compassionate caregivers are produced. Here is where we provide the necessary tools, materials, and equipment that further enhance the skills and knowledge of our exceptional care team.

The Sage Caregiver Training Lab offers the perfect setting to learn caregiving!