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Home Care Team in Brewster NY and Bethel CT

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The Sage Home Care Team

Efren Kennedy, PhD., CEO is a visionary, compassionate leader who has created a culture of excellence within our offices in CT and NY which carries through to the caregivers in the field. Efren has built strong relationships with the communities and skillfully positioned Sage Home Care as an indispensable community resource while ensuring its internal operations are running efficiently and effectively. Our Chief Executive Officer has created sustainable operations and programs to serve our clients and exceed their expectations. He has also uniquely positioned Sage Home Care to champion the Sage mission of providing high-quality in-home care in Putnam along with a myriad of value-based home care programs and services for clients throughout the area. Which simultaneously provides the much-needed peace of mind to the families and their loved ones.

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Amanda Munoz, Director of Operations, is responsible for billing and payroll and makes sure the office runs smoothly just to name a few of the many tasks she’s responsible for. She oversees staff operations, business planning, and budget development. She ensures all of our services comply with professional standards, as well as state and federal regulatory requirements. Amanda also directs the caregivers and the administrative staff in quality and consistent client care. If you ever have a dispute that cannot be resolved or a comment of appreciation, she always has time to talk with clients and really and truly appreciates feedback.

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Arelis Fernandez, Director of Human Resources, manages human resources operations by recruiting, selecting, orienting, initially training, coaching, counseling, and disciplining all of our staff . Arelis’ role is integral in planning, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing staff job contributions; maintaining compensation; determining production, productivity, quality, and customer-service strategies; designing systems; accumulating resources; resolving problems; implementing changes. As you can see, she wears many hats and we are fortunate to have her.

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Ed Almonte, Case Management Supervisor who provides oversight of our case managers and case management services, as well as ensuring contractual insurance/licensing compliance. He also provides leadership to our staff , coordinates and oversees the delivery of case management and care services and programs, and assists in the development and implementation of our disease management training programs. The crucial role of Case Management Supervisor also means he is accountable for promoting a culture of compassion and empathy as well as providing effective support to our aides in order to facilitate the high level of care Sage Home Care is known for providing to our clients in New York round the clock.

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Christopher Van Kleeck, Care Coordination Manager, works in collaboration with our case managers, schedulers, and caregivers to ensure that everything comes together as smoothly, efficiently, and timely as possible. Christopher makes sure that the transition from rehab, nursing home, or hospital goes off without a hitch. He connects clients to relevant community resources with the goal of enhancing the clients’ health and well-being and increasing client satisfaction. Our Care coordinator serves as the contact point, advocate, and informational resource for clients, care team, family/caregiver(s), payers, and community resources. He creates and promotes adherence to the care plan, developed in coordination with the client, their case manager, family, and caregiver(s). Christopher also plays a crucial role as the person who collects and manages all client feedback. If there is ever anything you would like to share, have questions or comments about just contact Christopher, he’s always happy to help.

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Samantha Thon, Care Supervisor/Diabetes Care Specialist, ensures your care is first-rate and consistently delivered. Her job is to help ensure your caregiver(s) are providing you the very high standards Sage Home Care is proud to deliver. She will always do her very best to address any concern you may have, or congratulate and reward a caregiver for doing a great job, especially when going above and beyond. She typically makes announced and unannounced visits while the caregiver is working. Samantha is also a highly trained Diabetes Care Specialist who is in charge of the diabetes training and education of our caregivers as well as newly afflicted clients.

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Jay Vargas, Case Manager, covers Putnam, Westchester, and Fairfield counties doing in-home assessments and meeting with clients and their families to ensure that all of their needs are met. Through both an extensive work history and familial responsibilities, Jay has developed the ‘kind but firm’ approach required to be open and honest with clients about their needs. His interest in the home care industry sparked when he found himself caring for his own grandmother. Continuing to offer resources and help to families or those needing guidance is his passion.

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Lucy Quezada, Scheduling Coordinator is most likely the first person you will speak with when you call the office. She begins the process by working with prospective clients to schedule the initial State mandated assessment. She then works with your case manager to schedule a day and time to meet your new aide or to interview candidates. Lucy will then coordinate and manage the schedule with you and your Caregiver for home care services. Her job is to help ensure your care coordination and schedules are being met by Sage Home Care. She will always listen to you and do her very best to provide you with exceptional care precisely when you need it. If you have any questions or issues, you may speak with her or your Case Manager.

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Antonio Vargas, Director of Pet Therapy, helps provide a therapeutic tool to our clients with the help of our certified therapy dogs, Mila and Finnegan. Our pet therapy dogs have proven to welcome additions to home care settings where clients were no longer able to care for a pet of their own. Antonio works with physical and occupational therapists who like to enlist our therapy dogs to treat our clients that can use the help. For example, physical therapists help improve clients’ walking skills by asking them to walk one of our friendly Therapy Dogs along the sidewalk or driveway. Occupational therapists may ask a recovering stroke client to brush the dog’s coat, which can help improve the client’s arm strength or fine motor skills. Mila and Finn have always been calm and willing partners for this kind therapy work.

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Patricia Tompkins, Training Director, operated her own home care agency for many years and has been working in the industry for more than 35 years. Patty is constantly on the lookout for new training programs or techniques for presenting more effective ways to teach. This includes looking for new approaches to teaching the desired skills or attributes, and she designs more efficient teaching practices. This includes maintaining communication with the company’s caregivers and case managers as well as employees on every level, in order to recognize new issues and plan for additional training. We are especially proud of our in-house training lab where she helps train not just our caregivers but family caregivers that want to learn the best practices for caring for their own loved ones at home.

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Charmaine Nkosi, Field Supervisor, serves as a preceptor in the field for all the field staff. She supervises our caregivers and provides good judgment and direction on a weekly basis. She also assists in training and new staff orientations to assist with teaching skills and competencies. While she is out in the field, she makes both announced and unannounced visits to monitor the performance of the caregivers and ensure their adherence to policies and procedures. Charmaine also ensures that our services are in compliance with professional standards as well as to the state and federal regulatory requirements. If you haven’t met her yet, you’ll soon find yourself greeted by her Charm-ing smile.

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Case Managers

Our Case Managers help to ensure your care is first-rate and consistently delivered.

Their job is to help ensure your caregivers are providing you the very high standards Sage Home Care is proud to deliver. The Supervisor will always listen to you and do their very best to address any concerns you may have, or congratulate a caregiver for doing such a great job. Supervisors typically make announced and unannounced visits while the caregiver is working. If you have any questions or problems, you can talk to your Coordinator.

Caregivers / Care Service Providers

Sage Home Care Services comes to you by way of our Caregivers and Certified Specialists. Your Care Coordinator will match a Caregiver to work with you and will conduct visits from time to time to ensure your care is exactly what you need, when you need it.

Caregivers will assist you in your daily living activities. They will focus on getting to know you – what you like, what things you are good at, and how you would like things done in your home. They will plan and execute household chores and fun activities to do together. If there is anything you feel you cannot do alone, your companion aide will help you.

If you are not feeling well, your Caregiver can take you to the doctor. They can also help you keep in touch with your family and friends.

Who Will Be Showing Up To Provide My Care?

Our diverse staff comes from a wide range of backgrounds and the most important characteristic about all of them is that they sincerely care about our clients and families!

We work hard to best match our clients and caregivers based both on a skill set and personality traits. If you feel that you do not have a good match or other concerns, please contact us and we’ll work to solve the problem or replace the Personal Assistant.

From time to time, staff members may need to move on to other opportunities or their schedules change. In these cases, we make arrangements to have a new team member arrive, and whenever possible, to train in advance.

Sage works diligently to provide the smoothest transition possible. In the unfortunate circumstance that we do not have this opportunity or if your Caregiver is sick, an alternate will be assigned to cover the normally scheduled shift.

For further details on any of the members of our home care team, feel free to reach out to us at any time. You may call 1-800-578-4554 or send an email to with your questions or inquiries.