CPR and First Aid Certification

CPR and First Aid Certification in Brewster NY and Bethel CT

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Sage Home Care in Brewster, NY and Bethel, CT offers you the opportunity to be CPR and First Aid Certified. As a family caregiver, we will help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in emergency handling that could help you save the life of a loved one. As a professional caregiver, we strengthen your credentials, increase your chances of getting employed by a reputable company, or significantly boost the services of the agency you’re looking for. In this day and age, you’ll face the stiffest competition anywhere. This is particularly true in the healthcare industry where even the slightest edge could mean the difference between acquiring a desired position in a particular agency and having to look elsewhere for other job opportunities.

Let us help you become the best caregiver you can be. Our CPR and First Aid Programs put emphasis on hands-on learning, and are based on the latest in evidence-based practices. You will be issued a certificate lasting the entirety of two (2) upon successful completion of the program.

  • First Aid: Helps you better respond to typical first aid emergencies, from cuts and burns to back, neck, and head injuries
  • CPR: Helps you better respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies

Learn how to save a life today! For questions, call 1-800-578-4554 or send a message to customerservice@sagehomecare.com.